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I tend to read only new release books.  Sometimes I get a bit behind and the book is now a month or two old but hey, so many books, so little time.


 If you are from GR, you may know me better as Sunny.  A happy Canadian.

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Tell Me (One Night with Sole Regret #6) by Olivia Cunning

Tell Me - Olivia Cunning

Two nights with Gabe and Melanie.  Both of these characters were hot, lovable and entertaining.  Gabe's gadgets entertain where mentioned, but used  only -  just enough.  We finally find out what Gabe's sole regret is.  Poor guy.



Nikki is for sale cheap.  She is the clingy girlfriend of Melanie and she frankly drove me around the bend.  I was glad when finally for at least a few chapters Gabe and Melanie had some time to themselves.


More facets were added to each of the characters and good news....Gabe is a dog lover.  The highlight of the book were his two pets and how they related to Melanie and to Gabe. 


As usual the book was a page turner and very difficult to put down.  Read in only a few sittings.  Loved it and I will be continuing on with this series.