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Romance novels, all sub genre's from Erotica to Classics.  Give me a HEA or even HFN and it is all good.


I tend to read only new release books.  Sometimes I get a bit behind and the book is now a month or two old but hey, so many books, so little time.


 If you are from GR, you may know me better as Sunny.  A happy Canadian.

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Come Home to Me: Second Chances Time Travel Romance Series (Volume 1) - Peggy L Henderson We all dream of having a second chance at one time or another. To Pull back those words, deed, or mistake and do it again in a better way. Jake Owens gets this wish. He has been set up for murder by a fast and loose woman he has known only for a short while.

His is given the task of travelling back in time and using skills he has already gained on his family ranch, lead a wagon train from Iowa to Oregon. He is also charged with the care of everyone on the trip, but especially Rachel Parker.

Rachel has lost her parents and is in the care of her brother and his sons. She must pose as his wife because the wagon master will have it no other way. Jake is the guide.

As the trip progresses many well researched things happen to the group and to Jake and to Rachel. The ending is not what is expected...it is better than expected. The whole story flows, peaks interest with every page and is filled with very real human emotion. A friend suggested this book to me and I am so very glad I followed her advice. I am now looking forward to the next book in this Second Chance Series by Henderson.